Boardwalk Woodworking Ltd warrants all wood windows and doors sold under this warranty (except those custom products expressly excluded from this warranty), for one year from the date of shipment, and at the time of shipment to be of good material and workmanship and to be free of defects which would render said windows unserviceable or unfit for their ordinary, recommended use.

This warranty extends only to first purchaser of said window(s) and door(s) and may not be enforced by any person to whom the said window(s) and door(s) are transferred.

Any implied warranties which the purchaser may have are limited in duration to one year from date of shipment.

The manufacturer will at its option either (1) repair any window or door without charge, or (2) replace any window or door without charge in whatever stage of fitting and/or finishing it was originally supplied by the manufacturer, in no event shall Boardwalk Woodworking Ltd pay for the cost of labour, installation or finishing of the replacement or original door or for any other cost relating to the replacement of the window or door, all of which shall be the sole responsibility of the person making the warranty claim.

matters excluded from the warranty

Unsatisfactory service or appearance caused by failure to follow the “Handling, Job Finishing and Installation Instructions” set forth herein is not covered by this warranty. Natural variations in the colour or texture of the wood are not to be considered as defects. Warranty does not cover damage caused by others or by a cause beyond the control of Boardwalk Woodworking Ltd including but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident or mishandling or by fire, flood, earthquake, storm, tornado, or other acts of nature. Failure to perform normal home owner maintenance, or by attempts other than by Boardwalk Enterprises to repair the window or door.

handling, job finishing and installation instructions

  • Store windows and doors in a dry, well-ventilated building. Cover to keep clean but allow air circulation. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Handle with clean gloves, and do not drag across one another or across other surfaces.
  • Exterior finishes shall be used on both faces and all edges of windows and doors. Where installed for outward swing with no protection from the elements, windows and doors must be properly protected by flashing or other suitable means.
  • Before finishing, surfaces must be clean and dry, and moisture content no higher than average. Sand and clean between coats of finish. A minimum of 2 coats of exterior finish with ultra violet (UV) inhibitors must be applied. Follow supplier’s instructions carefully.